I’m trying something new for my businesses…

I think it has a lot to do with fear. My lack of ability to believe in what I am capable of, the fact that I think anything I do will be a miserable failure, and so on and so forth. That’s why I am terrible at advertising. I have been going about it all wrong because of it.

So today I decided to try something new. I just typed in an easy search query on Google: “how to get more clients”, and then I took a look at the first article:

How to get more clients

It seemed like the best way to start, and as soon as I started reading, I recoiled. I didn’t like what it said, it scared me. Then I came to the realization that this is a fear based avoidance strategy that I’ve adopted to counter my fear of failure and rejection.

I didn’t believe in myself as much, and therefore couldn’t vouch for myself often if not at all. Sure if I was excited I enough I could better than most days, but today was not that day apparently.

I followed the first instruction diligently, yet carefully:

I asked for referrals, I didn’t wait for them.
I thought that referrals just fell into my lap, as they actually often did. That is not the case if I want my companies to grow. So, I followed the instructions, reluctantly, of course, and sent my most recent clients, an email along the lines of:

Hi [Name],

How is [Company] doing? I enjoyed working with you on your latest project and would love to hear how it’s going.

On a side note, I’m looking for new clients to work with.

Can you connect me to any people or companies in your network that could use my services right now?

– Daniel

It is scary to be this bold, but it was worth it for the experience I think It was thrilling to know how scared I was of putting myself out there and asking for a favour.  The article said: “Seriously… do this.” So I seriously did it, and I plan on continuing to do so.

There are 33 ways to get more clients, and I have a solid enough platform now that I can boldly get on to the next challenge: work my way down the list of 33. One a day for the next 33 days! If I do it in a bit more time that’s fine as well. I want to make sure I do them right, and make sure each task or instruction is followed as best possible.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully learning something as well!



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