Canada’s first student run audio and video transcription service DRSTranscriptions. This business idea has now grown into TTSC (see below). 

Ottawa based and inspired charity t-shirt company. We see Ottawa in a different light. We try to do something different with our shirts. Fighting homelessness and the stigma surrounding it was the idea, and the result.

The original idea behind the t-shirts, the experience in guiding tours of the city of Ottawa inspired this idea. Stay tuned to find out more!

Yes, another T-shirt shop, and yes it has the revamped and reimagined OTTees shirts!

This time around I used the lessons learned and applied them to the designs and charity process.

Do you like or even love to travel? So do I! 

That’s why I started the travel deal website for flights, car rentals, hotel bookings and even cruises!

I have the travel bug. You ready to hop on the Travel Buggee?

Some Of My Clients

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