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Insecurities: Silly comments blown out of proportion

Insecurities: Silly comments blown out of proportionThe DRS I am totally one of those guys that suffers from being insecure because of his body. Truthfully, I really shouldn’t be; I have somewhat of a six-pack, my pecs are alright, my back and shoulder muscles are pronounced, and I can lift heavy things repetitively. All of […]

Is it ok if I do?

Is it ok if I do?The DRS It is often difficult to navigate certain social situations as an addict, especially if the drug of choice is socially accepted. People are generally very kind when they know that I don’t drink. Some might sarcastically ask why, but I get it. It is unusual in your mid-twenties […]

Love in friendship

Love in friendshipForeBrain Porn It’s the middle of a busy day at work, and a friend of mine texts me to see how it’s going. We get to chatting about our days and other things. Then we organize going to a recovery oriented meeting together. He doesn’t drive, and I’d be his ride. He also hates […]

Brushing teeth and cleaning

Brushing teeth and cleaningForeBrain Porn While I was using and drinking, my life was consumed by the getting and consuming of drugs and alcohol. These substances did not allow me to see myself clearly, and that took it’s toll on my physical health, hygiene and consequently my self-worth. I would often bee too drunk or […]

The importance of smilling

The importance of smillingForeBrain Porn Often times in my recovery, I have heard, and told others that a good part of being successful is to “Fake it till you make it.”. I knew it to be true for others, but judged people quite harshly when they smiled too much and thought they were fake. Ironic […]

Getting back into reading

Getting back into readingForeBrain Porn This morning before work, I didn’t feel like getting out of bed, and I also didn’t feel like watching YouTube until the very last minute as I usually do. So I got up made some coffee, and went back to bed, propped myself up and started to read a book I’ve […]

Yo Hello Hooray (Everyday) by Ubiquitous Synergy Seekers — Song Time

Yo Hello Hooray (Everyday) by Ubiquitous Synergy Seekers — Song TimeForeBrain Porn Hello and welcome to one of the many editions of Song Time! This category of posts Song Time is where I share with you songs that were instrumental (pun intended) in my recovery at one point or another. On today’s post: Yo Hello Hooray […]

Unrelenting standards

Unrelenting standardsForeBrain Porn I had no idea unrelenting standards were a thing until they were presented as a “trigger” in a group therapy session I had a few years ago. I remember thinking that this guy in our group obviously had them as his schedule was rigid as all hell and thinking: “Man I can’t […]

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