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Hanging out and Connecting with others

Hanging out and Connecting with othersThe DRS When I used and drank, it was hard to get me to go out and do anything. If I was out, I didn’t generally want to be there unless I could use or get plastered. When I was out, I would also look for ways to go back […]

Playing on insecurities

Playing on insecuritiesThe DRS I’ve talked about texting and how it affects me a lot. Last time, it was all in my head and as it turns out I had disregarded my own communications as unimportant and impactless. As I was faced with my own actions and their consequences, I decided to change the way […]

Insecurities: Silly comments blown out of proportion

Insecurities: Silly comments blown out of proportionThe DRS I am totally one of those guys that suffers from being insecure because of his body. Truthfully, I really shouldn’t be; I have somewhat of a six-pack, my pecs are alright, my back and shoulder muscles are pronounced, and I can lift heavy things repetitively. All of […]

Is it ok if I do?

Is it ok if I do?The DRS It is often difficult to navigate certain social situations as an addict, especially if the drug of choice is socially accepted. People are generally very kind when they know that I don’t drink. Some might sarcastically ask why, but I get it. It is unusual in your mid-twenties […]

Getting back into reading

Getting back into readingForeBrain Porn This morning before work, I didn’t feel like getting out of bed, and I also didn’t feel like watching YouTube until the very last minute as I usually do. So I got up made some coffee, and went back to bed, propped myself up and started to read a book I’ve […]

Unrelenting standards

Unrelenting standardsForeBrain Porn I had no idea unrelenting standards were a thing until they were presented as a “trigger” in a group therapy session I had a few years ago. I remember thinking that this guy in our group obviously had them as his schedule was rigid as all hell and thinking: “Man I can’t […]

Lying to be perfect

Lying to be perfectForeBrain Porn So here’s the scoop, the other day at work, I forgot to send an email that I thought I had sent. It turns out that I didn’t, and I fixed it. Then, not ten minutes later, I get told that in that same instance, I forgot to send another email. […]

Minor venture into the Discomfort zone

Minor venture into the Discomfort zoneForeBrain Porn I had a short shift at work today, and boy was I not in the right frame of mind to be there! I sometimes work in a pretty masculine work environment where authority and confidence are necessary to do the job. Today I did not feel like I […]

Scared of Sports

Scared of SportsForeBrain Porn I have been sick, I have been sad (insert link), I have been eating like shit, and feeling even worse. I feel like I’ve lost control because I can’t sleep at night and feel tired during the day so I try to control everything by means of energy drinks and melatonin. […]

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