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Fear and dishonesty

Fear and dishonestyThe DRS I wrote a little while ago about different sayings that basically stipulate that if your first thought is about drinking or using, it is wrong. (Insertlink) These thoughts also apply to working through shame, guilt, and ultimately fear. Let me explain with a story. The other day I lost the company […]

Some will come and go; others will stay

Some will come and go; others will stayThe DRS Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with an ex-girlfriend of mine. What’s all the more important about our relationship is that she is the one that broke up with me and told me to get help. I could never thank her enough for that. We talked […]

Inhaling Ashes

Inhaling AshesThe DRS One of the first posts I have ever written. I was travelling around the world and blogging about it as I moved from place to place. I was smoking cigarettes, drinking, and living the traveller lifestyle. Fewer rules, more freedom, and plenty of time to think about my actions. When I was […]

Comparing myself to others

Comparing myself to othersThe DRS I was called out today. I was called out on poking fun at how intelligent others are in comparison to me. I’ve written about how I hate the words “stupid” and “idiot” (Insertlink). As it turns out, I have just found another way to call myself those names without using those […]

My illusion of

My illusion ofThe DRS Just under an hour ago I was fed a dose of reality by a man I know is honest in everything he says. We were at a party, and he came up to me after I walked around the room saying hello to a bunch of people I know. We started […]

Owning up

Owning upForeBrain Porn I don’t know how to start this one, other than with the story itself. I was walking out of a building for a client when i got a message from a friend: “Call me ASAP”. I had 4% battery life left on the phone, and some time so I called and arranged […]

Receiving threats

Receiving threatsForeBrain Porn This morning I woke up to find a note on my car that says: “Do not park here anymore or your car will be towed”. I was surprised because I’ve been living next door and parking there for over a week and half now. I’m annoyed that no one left their phone […]

Getting called out.

Getting called out.ForeBrain Porn I learn a lot of things through communicating with people instead of avoiding them. Who would have thought it? These days, as you might have noticed, a lot of it is done through text conversations. Some people have an aversion to texting as they think that it lacks tone and context […]

Geographical Cure – A false hope in recovery

Geographical Cure – A false hope in recoveryForeBrain Porn Trying to start over in a New Location The notion of a fresh start someplace new could be an appealing idea to most people on a good day. To people afflicted by trauma, addiction, etc., it can be particularly attractive! Especially to those individuals who feel […]

Getting the message

Getting the messageForeBrain Porn Last year I was “coerced” into joining a volunteer First Aid organization, and the training was long and very diverse. I met a lot of people, and made a lot of new friends. This story is about a friend I thought I had made. This girl is the president of the […]

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