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A new feeling – excitement

A new feeling – excitementThe DRS The week starts with Monday, and generally Mondays suck because of work and such, but this time it was quite different! I felt a new feeling i hadn’t felt in a number of years. I’ve faked it often to pretend like I felt something and that I was engaged in […]

I got what I asked for!

I got what I asked for!The DRS The other day when my friend and I texted and were silly all day sending each other jokes and stupid stories. We connected. This, after having felt neglected and ignored by this same person. The feelings of neglect bothered me, and this time I did something different about […]

Fear and dishonesty

Fear and dishonestyThe DRS I wrote a little while ago about different sayings that basically stipulate that if your first thought is about drinking or using, it is wrong. (Insertlink) These thoughts also apply to working through shame, guilt, and ultimately fear. Let me explain with a story. The other day I lost the company […]

Some will come and go; others will stay

Some will come and go; others will stayThe DRS Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with an ex-girlfriend of mine. What’s all the more important about our relationship is that she is the one that broke up with me and told me to get help. I could never thank her enough for that. We talked […]

Taking things personally

Taking things personallyThe DRS With a few months of recovery and working on myself under my belt, I find it a lot easier to not take things personally anymore. The lady that I am seeing and I had been chatting and figuring out when we both had free time so that we could meet up […]

My illusion of

My illusion ofThe DRS Just under an hour ago I was fed a dose of reality by a man I know is honest in everything he says. We were at a party, and he came up to me after I walked around the room saying hello to a bunch of people I know. We started […]

A date

A dateForeBrain Porn It is through dating that I understand that my issues with addiction come from much deeper seated problems. Addiction is generally known as a manifestation of more profound hurting. My past and present views on dating and relationships are just another manifestation of them all. Innately, I feel alone, like I’m not […]

Parental inattention

Parental inattentionForeBrain Porn If I get annoyed at things, I sometimes get into a bad mood and it only gets amplified by past emotional injuries that I haven’t dealt with. A big one, or a culmination of a few, is my perceived inattention from my parents, especially my mother. Now, before I sound like I’m […]

Self promotion and rejection

Self promotion and rejectionForeBrain Porn A few months ago I started a business, and then a few months later I started another one. Of course, I got nervous both times, and even though I have them under my belt now I still get nervous about them. They are a whole part of me as I […]

Owning up

Owning upForeBrain Porn I don’t know how to start this one, other than with the story itself. I was walking out of a building for a client when i got a message from a friend: “Call me ASAP”. I had 4% battery life left on the phone, and some time so I called and arranged […]

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