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Hanging out and Connecting with others

Hanging out and Connecting with othersThe DRS When I used and drank, it was hard to get me to go out and do anything. If I was out, I didn’t generally want to be there unless I could use or get plastered. When I was out, I would also look for ways to go back […]

Being sad for some reason

Being sad for some reasonThe DRS I’ve been feeling good for a while, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been feeling sad and stuck in this sadness for a while. I don’t always know what to do about it, and that makes the sadness deepen and feel like I have an ever deeper hole […]

Playing on insecurities

Playing on insecuritiesThe DRS I’ve talked about texting and how it affects me a lot. Last time, it was all in my head and as it turns out I had disregarded my own communications as unimportant and impactless. As I was faced with my own actions and their consequences, I decided to change the way […]

Poking fun at alcoholics – I think it is done

Poking fun at alcoholics – I think it is doneForeBrain Porn Earlier today, I was at a training event for a First Aid organization I volunteer for, and we all had to introduce ourselves. This involved our names, our primary location for volunteering, and how many years we had all been doing this. Right off […]

Minor venture into the Discomfort zone

Minor venture into the Discomfort zoneForeBrain Porn I had a short shift at work today, and boy was I not in the right frame of mind to be there! I sometimes work in a pretty masculine work environment where authority and confidence are necessary to do the job. Today I did not feel like I […]

Scared of Sports

Scared of SportsForeBrain Porn I have been sick, I have been sad (insert link), I have been eating like shit, and feeling even worse. I feel like I’ve lost control because I can’t sleep at night and feel tired during the day so I try to control everything by means of energy drinks and melatonin. […]

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