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John G. Diefenbaker Building

John G. Diefenbaker Building×32.pngThe DRS On this episode of the Ottawa Tour Co., why this building used to be the coolest building in the Nation’s capital.   Watch the video, or read the transcription below to find out more! Video Transcription: The John G. Diefenbaker building is named a after the 13th prime minister of […]

Company Aims to Ease ‘Charitable Fatigue’

Company Aims to Ease ‘Charitable Fatigue’ With the effects of climate change (and don’t you even try to deny it!), and so many recent natural disasters happening around the world, people are being asked for charitable donations like never before. Many of those who wish to help might find the donation process frustrating and confusing, […]

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum×32.pngThe DRS What do you know about Canadian Aviation and Space? On this episode of OTTours, an old military base turned into a museum! A short video about the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and what you can see in and around it. Don’t forget to subscribe! Transcription brought to you […]

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