OTTees founder, Daniel, and the Radio-Canada Host Louka Jacques talking about OTTees.

Radio Canada

Interview on the show “Les Matins d’ici” — December 27, 2016

Near the beginning of OTTees, we were contacted by a French radio show to be interviewed. The following are some pictures from the interview, and below you will find a link to the show and the transcripts.

Here is the link to the article and show so you can listen to it

Carleton University Radio

Here is a picture of me at another radio interview for the OTTees shirts. This was for a show on Carleton University’s radio, and they were interested in the charitable approach that the shirts were taking. Something we have tried to bring with us at Triple Exclamation !!! T-shirts.

The link to the article, posts, and the like have been disconnected since then, but I swear I was on that show!


I’ve been on TV a few times, but this is one of the best ones. I was featured on a French-Canadian TV Channel for a show called: “My first job”. My first job was as a babysitter, but I was a hockey referee for much longer. I even worked on a startup  on that subject called: Team Stripes!

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