Practiced negativity

Practiced negativityForeBrain Porn I never used to understand mindfulness, and I was never able to differentiate it from learned behaviour, but now I think they go hand in hand. Last evening, I went out on the bike and right before leaving I threw the frisbee in the bag, and texted a few friends to go […]

Owning up

Owning upForeBrain Porn I don’t know how to start this one, other than with the story itself. I was walking out of a building for a client when i got a message from a friend: “Call me ASAP”. I had 4% battery life left on the phone, and some time so I called and arranged […]

I don’t know what I’m doing

I don’t know what I’m doingForeBrain Porn Simply put I don’t often feel like I know what I’m doing, and it scares me. I referee youth sports, do first aid at a high level, own a couple of businesses, and every time I am about to embark on something new, I get insecure. I get […]

Annoyed at work

Annoyed at workForeBrain Porn I used to get annoyed at work for many different reasons, I still do, but I used to too, and this is a post about why it happens to me. In the past, I would never advance, get promotions or raises for a few reasons. I had no idea how getting […]

Did I do anything wrong?

Did I do anything wrong?ForeBrain Porn The other day my parents, my brother and I had a dinner together. That really doesn’t happen often as my parents and I live in the same town, and my brother lives 5 hours away. This occasion was thanksgiving even if our family only takes advantage of the long […]

Receiving threats

Receiving threatsForeBrain Porn This morning I woke up to find a note on my car that says: “Do not park here anymore or your car will be towed”. I was surprised because I’ve been living next door and parking there for over a week and half now. I’m annoyed that no one left their phone […]


Self-doubtForeBrain Porn A few days ago, I wrote about “A new feeling” which was excitement, and I felt it alright, but for some reason just like a comedown feelings ebb and flow. With regards to that project I have been working on, I am in a pretty low mood. I am feeling uncertain, discouraged, lost […]

Getting called out.

Getting called out.ForeBrain Porn I learn a lot of things through communicating with people instead of avoiding them. Who would have thought it? These days, as you might have noticed, a lot of it is done through text conversations. Some people have an aversion to texting as they think that it lacks tone and context […]

Geographical Cure – A false hope in recovery

Geographical Cure – A false hope in recoveryForeBrain Porn Trying to start over in a New Location The notion of a fresh start someplace new could be an appealing idea to most people on a good day. To people afflicted by trauma, addiction, etc., it can be particularly attractive! Especially to those individuals who feel […]

Getting the message

Getting the messageForeBrain Porn Last year I was “coerced” into joining a volunteer First Aid organization, and the training was long and very diverse. I met a lot of people, and made a lot of new friends. This story is about a friend I thought I had made. This girl is the president of the […]

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