157 pictures later – Slightly more comfortable in my own skin

I remember that moment like it was yesterday. Even though it was over 3 years ago now! I was coming out of the bathroom, in the middle of a 10 day intensive addiction therapy session at the Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services building. I finished washing my hands looking into the sink when I glanced […]

My First Job – Mon Premier Emploi – DRSpence TV

Transcription and Translation provided by my company: Transcription Translation Services Canada Inc. Transcription Daniel Arbitre – Transcription 00:03 – Bonjour je m’appelle Daniel, je suis arbitre dans les patinoires de la ville d’Ottawa. 00:17 – Être arbitre c’est mon premier emploi, et  c’est un emploi assez facile, tout ce que tu fais c’est patiner siffler dans un […]

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