In 2012 I had to go exploring, I had to discover new things and new places. I set a goal of visiting 13 new countries in 13 months, and I documented some of the process.

I spent July 2012 teaching English to Russians in Moscow. I got a little lonely and fascinated by the Moscovite Metro system. I decided to take my camera, and take a photo of every single station. 

I like building things. On the computer, with computers, or by hand and tools. Here are some of the things I have built, with instructions. I dabbled in this because I wanted to tell people how they could do things for themselves as well. (Please note: although my username is the same as the name of the next project, they are not related)

Weird name, I know. It’s something I liked as I started on my adventure in recovery from…

Read the articles first. Then we’ll talk.

Team Stripes

The idea wasn’t my own, but I did work on its development. Team Stripes was a Hockey Referee Educational platform. Seeing as first year referee retention is about 50%, the idea was to develop a program that would entice and motivate newbie referees to get better and stay on the ice.

More Projects to come...

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