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Arguably one of the most prominent and outspoken intellectuals of our time, Jordan Peterson, with his “tough love” approach guides both men and women on how to become a better version of themselves.

I’ve been listening to it in little chunks. It’s DENSE! and loving every minute of it.

No word of a lie, Mark Manson rubs me the wrong way in his comedy and his blogging. That being said, I’ve only heard great things about his book, and it has given me more self confidence than I could imagine, and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to get out of the rut they built for themselves!

The first audio book I listened to in it’s entirety! I didn’t know what to expect and found him to be rambling to ramp up his word count at times, but that doesn’t matter. 

The lessons about outsourcing, self development, personal growth, relationship building, self honesty, and many more are what this book is well worth reading or listening for.

I used to think Social Media was a waste of time and resources. Now, as it turns out, I had just been using them all wrong. That and a who series of confidence boosts have got me making strides in my professional and personal life!

Thanks Gary V!

A good friend of mine put me onto this book with his brilliant coffee ideas! I had been looking for something like this, and it fell into my lap, and then I had to listen to it and apply its lessons. 

I recommend it and I hope you use its lessons as well!

The Art of Asking - by: Amanda Palmer

I was scared, I had shame, I didn’t know how to ask people for things so I just took them. This book helped me change my behaviour and make me a better person! I’m sure you’ll get something out of it as well! 

Because the answer to the universe is more than 42…

This book offers way more answers to some of societies problems and our personal shortcomings than you’d expect from a work of fiction, but you might as well see the world from its author’s unconventional point of view.



About 2 years ago, I read this article about how someone from Toronto made a T-shirt store online in under 24 hours. To which I yelled “Bullshit!”. Then, I had to try it for myself. I used shopify, and combined it with Printful. Then the Brand OTTees was born! OTTees lives on as a series of collections in my new T-shirt company: TriplExclamation. Check it out! (But not just yet, as it isn’t really working.)

Furthermore, I don’t recommend shopify as I didn’t like it’s cash grab attitude to its business model. I recommend the combination of the Printful plugin on the WordPress platform:


I have tried Joomla, Shopify, Wix, and maybe one or two more CMS options, but for me WordPress is by far the best and easiest to use. It comes with a whole whack load of options and ease of use. Check it out and use this link to sign up!

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