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Question about my past drug use and stopping and relapses and stuff

Question about my past drug use and stopping and relapses and stuffForeBrain Porn A good friend of mine asked me a quesiton through social media the other day and I couldn’t help but share it with you. My Friend So I have a question about, like, your past drug use and stopping and relapses and […]

Comparing apples and junk food

Comparing apples and junk foodThe DRS Walking around at work today, I had an apple in my hand, and I thought to myself: “Wow, I used to struggle so much with simply get up and eat! Now I have an apple, and that’s pretty healthy. Or so they say.” Getting myself to eat healthy is […]

A new feeling – excitement

A new feeling – excitementThe DRS The week starts with Monday, and generally Mondays suck because of work and such, but this time it was quite different! I felt a new feeling i hadn’t felt in a number of years. I’ve faked it often to pretend like I felt something and that I was engaged in […]

Head spinning

Head spinningThe DRS When I was using and drinking, the spins were usual and to be expected. The substances were the culprits that made me more prone to losing things, forgetting others and needing to pretend that it was others’ faults for my general state of confusion. Nowadays, it is a little different. Nowadays, I […]

I got what I asked for!

I got what I asked for!The DRS The other day when my friend and I texted and were silly all day sending each other jokes and stupid stories. We connected. This, after having felt neglected and ignored by this same person. The feelings of neglect bothered me, and this time I did something different about […]

Fear and dishonesty

Fear and dishonestyThe DRS I wrote a little while ago about different sayings that basically stipulate that if your first thought is about drinking or using, it is wrong. (Insertlink) These thoughts also apply to working through shame, guilt, and ultimately fear. Let me explain with a story. The other day I lost the company […]

Some will come and go; others will stay

Some will come and go; others will stayThe DRS Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with an ex-girlfriend of mine. What’s all the more important about our relationship is that she is the one that broke up with me and told me to get help. I could never thank her enough for that. We talked […]

Inhaling Ashes

Inhaling AshesThe DRS One of the first posts I have ever written. I was travelling around the world and blogging about it as I moved from place to place. I was smoking cigarettes, drinking, and living the traveller lifestyle. Fewer rules, more freedom, and plenty of time to think about my actions. When I was […]

Taking things personally

Taking things personallyThe DRS With a few months of recovery and working on myself under my belt, I find it a lot easier to not take things personally anymore. The lady that I am seeing and I had been chatting and figuring out when we both had free time so that we could meet up […]

New car, new dent…

New car, new dent…The DRS I bought a car just under a month ago, and this is the first time I have bought something like this; ever. I was proud, happy, and felt very independent for having done it. Albeit out of circumstance seeing as the last car’s engine seized on the high way… (Insertlink) […]

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