Guide That Could Change Your Life

Adapted from a Christian based book, this is a guide that I’ve developed based on my own experience of building myself back up from my past alcohol and drug abuse.

The Guide That Could Change Your Life, can do just that: change your life. Granted, you’d be doing all the work, but you’ll also be able to reap all of the benefits from that hard work!

What are you waiting for? Please encourage me to write up more things like this, or tell me I should find something else to do with my time.

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DRSpence - Branding

The DRSpence t-shirt brand, Triple Exclamation !!!, grew out of a one man’s effort to create comfortable slogan shirts aimed at giving their wearers a unique sense of confidence, and self esteem. The man behind the DRSpence concept is Daniel Richard Spence, a successful businessman, motivational speaker and recovering alcoholic and drug abuser who tries to make himself and others the best version of themselves despite their circumstances

Blog Posts

In 2012, I was tired of my life, I felt trapped and I left. I decided to go travel, learn new things, and mostly visit 13 new countries in 13 months. Easy, I know, but this was also about taking the time to do things, learn about the culture and different ways of life. This travel blog is a collection of those stories.

This blog about my journey in recovery is changing course at the moment. Right now you can read about my days living in recovery and the discoveries that have come of my self reflection. Most uncensored and unfiltered. Soon you will be able to learn more about addiction and the steps I have taken and things I have learned about recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

The sequel to 13aprojekt, TravelBuggee is a collection of flight, car rental and travel deals that I created and share with you. Not only that, you get to read about the untold stories of my travels, the stories I was a little scared and embarrassed to tell anyone but my closest friends.

Also, travel tips and tricks, hacks some people call them, and much more!

TriplExclamation - Design Blog

I am no designer, by any stretch of the imagination. I do, however, have experience in designing shirts, social media posts, video work, and charity work.

This is a blog about the creative process in some of our shirt designs.

Agogott - Online Business Blog

Agogott is our SEO, SMM, and Web Development branch. We can work with you on your Search Engine Optimization. We will help you get your website up the ranks on Google and Bing, and many other things.

Let us know what your online business needs and we can get it done for you!

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